FGG Legacy Awards, Medals of Honor, Commendations, and Certificates of Appreciation

The Federation of Gay Games has instituted Legacy Awards as a way to honor outstanding individuals and institutions whose work contributes to the mission and values of the Federation of Gay Games. They are awarded at the discretion of the FGG to recognize the extraordinary contributions of those who help ensure the success of the Gay Games, who promote the shared values of participation, inclusion and personal best, and who notably contribute to the LGBT+ community.

The initial FGG Legacy Awards were given in 2007 at the FGG 25th Anniversary Legacy Dinner in San Francisco. Since 2009, these awards have been presented annually and those honored receive a certificate and an FGG Medal of Honor.

2019 – Awards presented at the FGG Mid-Year Meeting, February 2019 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA:

On Saturday 9 February, the Federation of Gay Games honored member and local sports organizations, heroes, and a local business with its annual Legacy Awards held at Fort Lauderdale's GYM Sports Bar. Congratulations to the following recipients: IGBO (FLIRT tournament and the seven LGBT leagues who all bowl in the area, SFSF (local Women’s softball)SFAAA (local Men’s softball), the Local Cultural Organization, South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble, and local hero Jason Shervinsky 

Also, special thanks to GYM Sports Bar for hosting the awards event. "Whenever the FGG meets in a city, we love to celebrate the community's sports and cultural organizations, and local people who make a difference, and we always do it in a way that supports local business. We had a great turnout at GYM Bar and were able to bring together our community for a combined evening of fun. We all work hard to make a difference to the world and it's lovely to be able to recognize people who do this whenever we can," said Shiv Paul, FGG Officer of Communications. Eddie Young, the FGG Officer of Ceremonies added "Local artists and athletes are the heartbeat of the FGG. Their energy, time, and talent inspires me to keep giving back to my own community, and to our global family."

Here are some photos of the award recipients with FGG Board members (photos: Shiv Paul):

The Federation of Gay Games presented the Outstanding Cultural Organization award to the South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble. Pictured (left to right): Sean Fitzgerald (FGG Co-President), Eddie Young (Officer of Ceremonies), Adam DeRosa (President, SFPWE), Beth Barbuto (SFPWE), Joanie Evans (FGG Co-President).

2018 – Awards presented at the Gay Games X VIP reception in Paris on 4 August at Stade Jean Bouin:

The Federation of Gay Games presented Medals of Honor to all those athletes and cultural participants who have attended all ten Gay Games since 1982. These individuals are truly "living legends" within the Gay Games movement.

Honoring those who have participated in every one of the 10 Gay Games:
Left to right: Eddie Young, FGG Officer of Ceremonies; Sean Fitzgerald, FGG Co-President; Mauro Bordovsky; Gene Dermody; Duane Flohra; Jim Hahn; Tom Lane; Joanie Evans, FGG Co-President; Derek Liecty; Mike Wallace; Doug Litwin, FGG Officer of Marketing; Steve Harrington. In Paris but not present at this ceremony: Seth Shapiro; Rick Thoman.

2018 – Awards presented at the FGG Mid-Year Meeting, March 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA:

Local Heroes
Female:  Franny Price
Male:  Brian Sims – Gay Games Ambassador

Ally Awards
Female:  Christina Kallas-Saritsoglou
Male:  Councilman Mark Squilla

Local Organizations
Sport:  City of Brotherly Love Softball League
Culture: Philadelphia Freedom Band

Social Justice Award
FoxRothschild, LLP

Outstanding Media Award
Scott Drake

2018 Legacy Award Winners, Philadelphia, PA USA

2017 – Awards presented at the FGG Annual Meeting, November 2017 in Paris, France:

Outstanding Female Volunteer
Annette Wachter, Cologne, Germany

Outstanding Male Volunteer
Wayne Morgan, Sydney, Australia

Vorspiel SSL Berlin

Local Organization
Tournoi Internationale de Paris

Local Hero
Female:  ​Valérie Fourneyron
​Male:  ​Jean-Paul Cluzel

Yoann Lemaire
Posthumous Award to Xavier JUGÉLÉ

2017 Legacy Award Winner Tomas Rogat for Vorspiel, Berlin, presented in Paris France

2017 – Awards presented at the FGG Mid-Year Meeting, March 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA:

Medals of Commendation:
PAST: Tretter Collection / Lisa Vecoli
PRESENT: Minnesota Freedom Band
FUTURE: Meet Minneapolis / Matt Meunier

Assembly member Karen Clark

State Senator Scott Dibble

2016 – Awards presented at the FGG Annual General Assembly, October 2016 in Sydney, Australia:

Outstanding Male Volunteer
George Melichar, (New Orleans, USA)

Outstanding Female Volunteer
Alex Davis, (London, UK)

Outstanding Local Women’s Organization
Flying Bats Women’s Soccer Club, (Sydney, AUS)

Outstanding Local Organization
Sydney Stingers Waterpolo

Social Justice
Caroline Symons, PhD, (Melbourne, AUS)

Local Heroes
Danielle Warby, (Sydney, AUS)
Matthew Mitcham - Gay Games Ambassador, (Sydney, AUS)

Medals of Honor
Bev Lange and the late Peter Bailey for their role as Co-Presidents of Gay Games VI: Sydney 2002
Craig Watson, Event Manager for the newly-launched Proud to Play sports festival in Auckland New Zealand
Ivan Yap (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), lead organiser of the Straits Games, a multisport festival in southeast Asia celebrating its 15th anniversary.

2015 - Awards presented at the FGG Annual General Assembly, October 2015 in Limerick, Ireland:

Local Hero
Valerie Mulcahy, Cork GAA

Outstanding Ally/Male
Duncan Casey, Munster Irish Rugby Union

Outstanding Ally/Female
Senator Averil Power

Outstanding Ally/Organization
Failte Ireland

Local Organization
Emerald Warriors Rugby

FGG Member Organization
SC Janus

Outstanding Male Volunteer
Cillian Flynn, Team Limerick

Outstanding Female Volunteer
Keli Zehnder, Gay Games 9

Gay Games 9 Scholarship Program
Derek Liecty and Paul Oostenbrug

Pioneer Award
Oliver Murphy (posthumously)

2014 - Awards presented at various events during Gay Games 9, August 2014 in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio, USA:

“Pioneer” Legacy Award
Mauro Bordovsky

“Outstanding Athlete” Legacy Award
Jean-Pierre Grasland
Donna Rose

“Outstanding Cultural Participant” Legacy Award
Erin Frawley
Sanford Smith

“Outstanding Official” Legacy Award
Jon Baldan
Kimberly Hadley

Legacy Award for Fundraising
Raymond Donald Hong
Laura Moore

2013 - Awards presented at the FGG Annual General Assembly, October 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA:

“Pioneer” Legacy Award
Jean-Nickolaus Tretter

Legacy Award for Advocacy
Susan McGreivy

Family Values” Legacy Award
Jerry Windle and Andres Rodriguez

FGG Member Organization Legacy Award
Russian LGBT Sports Federation

Local Organization Legacy Award
LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland

Medals of Honor
As part of the FGG’s Tribute to Bidders, the five groups bidding to host Gay Games X were honored with a medal of honor which include the Amsterdam, Limerick, London, Orlando and Paris bid teams.

In addition, medals were presented to the volunteer members of the FGG site inspection team who visited the three finalist cities in July 2013: Rob Lavery, Keph Senett, Annette Wachter, and Cyd Zeigler.

Certificates of Appreciation presented to Directors no longer serving on the Board:
Sonia Abécassis, Jon Baldan, Roger Brigham, Kurt Douglass, William McManus, Paul Oostenbrug, and Dennis Sneyers

2012 - Awards presented at the FGG Annual General Assembly, August 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria:

FGG Member Organization Legacy Award
Pride Sports UK

Local Organization Legacy Award
Sports Club Tangra

Legacy Award for Coaching
Chavdar Arsov

“Sporting Event” Legacy Award
FriGo Budapest for the 2012 Eurogames

Legacy Award for Equality
Sofia Pride

Certificates of Appreciation for Pride House London 2012
Shamey Cramer, Carl Schultz, Paul Brummitt, Megan Worthing-Davies, Alex Davis, Adrian Trett, Leviathen Hendricks, Mark Delacour, and European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF)

2012 - Awards presented at the Gay Games 30th Anniversary celebration, October 2012 in Los Angeles:

Legacy Award for Social Justice
Erick Vidal Martinez

Legacy Award for Youth
Trevor Project

“Local Hero” Legacy Award
John Heilman

Local Organization Legacy Award
West Hollywood Aquatics

Legacy Award for Youth Outreach and Coaching
Philippe Kahn

Legacy Award for Media and Journalism

Medal of Honor
Patricia Nell Warren

Medal of Honor
David Secter

2013 Legacy Award Winners, West Hollywood, CA USA

2013 Legacy Award Winner Patricia Nell Warren, West Hollywood, CA USA

2013 Legacy Award Presenter Dave Kopay, West Hollywood, CA USA

2013 Legacy Award Winners David Secter & Doug Litwin, West Hollywood, CA USA

2011 – Awards presented at the reception at the 2011 FGG Annual General Assembly in Toronto:

Straight Ally Legacy Award
Brian Burke

Women in Sport
Angela James

“Local Hero” Legacy Award
Stephanie Johnstone
Rob Lavery

Local Organization Legacy Award
Toronto Gay Football League

FGG Member Organization Legacy Award
International Gay Bowling Organization

Social Justice Legacy Award
Ndumie Funda

2010 – Awards presented at the FGG reception during Gay Games VIII in Cologne, Germany:

Legacy Award for Outstanding Athlete
Joseph Justin 
Paulette Meggoe

Legacy Award for Outstanding Artist
Loren McGlade 
Connie Moore

Legacy Award for Excellence in Fundraising
Cheer San Francisco

2009 – Awards presented at the 2009 Annual Meeting gala dinner in Cologne, Germany:

Legacy Award for Outreach and Scholarship Support
Dick Uyvari 
Joe La Pat

Legacy Award for Media and Journalism
Tracy Baim, publisher and executive editor of the Windy City Times

Legacy Award for Academic Scholarship and Research
Caroline Symons, PhD

Legacy Award for a Sports Event
Tournoi international de Paris

Legacy Award for Youth Outreach and Coaching
Golden Gate Alliance Wrestling

2009 Legacy Award Winner Dick Uyvari (center) with Emy Ritt and Kurt Dahl, Cologne, Germany

2007 – Awards presented at the FGG’s 25th Anniversary gala dinner in San Francisco

Dave Kopay, American football player in the National Football League from 1964 to 1972 and the first professional athlete in the world to speak publicly about being gay, for opening doors for amateur and professional athletes everywhere.  Dave has taken part in two Gay Games and is a Gay Games Ambassador. 

European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF)
For its work to combat homophobia and promote equality in Europe through sport programs.

National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) Sports Project
For its ongoing legal work in the U.S. challenging discriminatory practices in a variety of athletic programs. NCLR Sports Project Director Helen Carroll accepted the award from figure skaters Alan Lessik and Johnny Manzon-Santos, who NCLR successfully represented in a discrimination case against the East Bay Iceland skating rink in Berkeley, California.

Writer Jim Provenzano
For his groundbreaking coverage of news related to LGBT sport programs. Gold medal winning Olympic swimmer and Gay Games Ambassador Bruce Hayes, a public relations professional, presented Jim’s media award.

2007 Legacy Award Winner Dave Kopay (right) with presenters Kile Ozier and Gay Games Ambassador Esera Tuaolo, San Francisco, CA USA

2007 Legacy Award Winner Jim Provenzano (right) with presenters Alan Lessik and Gay Games Ambassador Bruce Hayes, San Francisco, CA USA

2007 Legacy Award Winner Helen Carroll (center) with presenters and plaintiffs Alan Lessik (left) and Johnny Manzon-Santos (right), San Francisco, CA USA

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