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YOU decide where the next Gay Games will be.

Full Member Organisations have two votes per organisation at the Site Selection, Annual General Assembly Meeting held every four years as well as motions, by-law changes and Board elections.

Associate Member Organisations do not have a vote in site selection, but have one vote in all other matters supporting the Gay Games.

Full Member Organisations will have two delegates and Associate Member Organisations will have one.

Each delegate will receive a e-mail address with which to conduct official FGG business and receive important communications.

To see the current Membership Brochure, CHECK HERE.

Current Members

 Members *  City (Headquarters)  Country
 Bodybuilding Guild  Southfield, MI  USA
 CHEER LA  Los Angeles, CA  USA
 CHEER San Francisco  San Francisco, CA  USA
 CHEER Seattle  Seattle, WA  USA
 Didesex  Mexico City  Mexico
 DVET    Germany
 European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation (EGLSF)  Amsterdam  The Netherlands
 European Same-Sex Dance Association (ESSDA)  London  UK
 Federacion Mexicana Deportivo de la Diversidad (FMDD) Guadalajara Mexico
 Fédération Sportive Gaie et Lesbienne (FSGL)  Paris  France
 Gays Apasionados Por El Fútbol (GAPEF) Buenos Aires Argentina
 Gay & Lesbian Organisation of Racing & Yachting (GLORY)    
 Gay & Lesbian Tennis Alliance (GLTA)    
 GRUPO D.C.R. En Pro de la Diversidad Lobos México (Grupo Lobos México) Mexico City  Mexico
 International Association of Gay & Lesbian Martial Arts (IAGLMA)  San Francisco, CA  USA
 International Front Runners (IFR)  Orlando, FL  USA
 International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA)  Paris  France
 International Gay Bowling Organisation (IGBO)    
 International Gay Figure Skating Union (IGSFU)  New York, NY  USA
 International Gay Rugby Association (IGRAB)    
 KZN LGBT Recreation  Durban  South Africa
 LEAP Sports Scotland    Scotland
 Lesbian & Gay Band Association (LGBA)  Washington, DC  USA
 Movedeinchile    Chile
 National Gay Basketball Association (NGBA) Hawthorn, CAUSA  
 North American Same-Sex Partner Dance Association (NASSPDA)  Berkeley, CA  USA
 OPAL  Philadelphia, PA  USA
 Out in Hong Kong  Hong Kong  China
 Out For Sport (OFS)  London  UK
 Orca Swim Team  Seattle, WA  USA
 Out in Slovenia  Ljubljana  Slovenia
 Pride Cheerleading Association    
 Pride Sports UK  Manchester  UK
 Russian LGBT Sport Federation  St Petersburg  Russia
 San Diego Frontrunners & Walkers  San Diego, CA USA 
 San Francisco Track & Field  San Francisco, CA  USA
 Sundance Outdoor Adventure Society  New York, NY  USA
 Seattle Frontrunners (SFR)  Seattle, CA  USA                    
 Taiwan Gay Sports and Gay Development Movement  Taipei Taiwan
 Sport Club Tangra-Bulgaria  Sofia  Bulgaria
 Sporting Pride Dublin Ireland
 Sports Club Janus  Cologne  Germany
 Team Colorado   Denver, CO  USA
 Team DC  Washington, DC  USA
 Team Melbourne (ex-QSAM)  Melbourne, VIC  Australia
 Team Muenchen  Munich  Germany
 Team Rainbow  Queensland  Australia
 Team Rehoboth Beach  Rehoboth Beach, DE  USA
 Team San Francisco  San Francisco, CA  USA
 Team Seattle  Seattle, WA  USA
 Team Sydney  Sydney, NSW  Australia
 Tel Aviv LGBT Sport Club  Tel Aviv  Israel
 Vorspiel Berlin  Berlin  Germany
 Wrestlers WithOut Borders (WWB)                                                 San Francisco, CA  USA
 Zorros LGBT (Orgullo Deportivo)  Mexico City Mexico 

* Full members in bold

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